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Top Christmas Quotes : Get Merry Christmas Wishes Quotes here. The lovely festival of lights and happiness is just about to knock our doors. So we are ready to give you the BEST Whatsapp christmas status and christmas quotes for facebook. Get the best of Merry Christmas Wishes here. Share with your girlfriends on  whatsapp and facebook via the TOP status Quotes.

Merry Christmas Day Quotes 2016: Every year christmas is celebrated all over the world on December 25th. This is also a perfect opportunity for a boyfriend to let their girlfriend know how much he cherishes her. So, This year 2016 who want to celebrate grandly Christmas day with your girlfriend and send her this awesome stuff about Happy Christmas Day Quotes, Happy Christmas Wishes 2016,  Christmas quotes for facebook, wishes for Christmas day occasion of Christmas Day 2016.

Christmas is a great festival of the year and also known as the Feast day of Christ. Christmas day is a special day in the Christian world. It is celebrated throughout the Christian world with great enthusiasm. This day they go to the Church and offer special prayer. Especially Kids or children eagerly await For Christmas as there is exchange of the gifts and for their favorite Santa claus. Share best Christmas quotes for facebook and update your Whatsapp status on christmas.


You are one of the best things that happen to me
I just couldn’t imagine without you in my life
You’ve become a big part of me now.
And I will always be thankful to God for that.
Merry Christmas!

MERRY christmas QUOTES

What we feel about each other is as wonderful as this night of peace and love. Merry Christmas Eve, darling.

A pearl or a diamond is nothing compared to you. You’re a priceless treasure that should be always taken care of. Merry Christmas Baby!

You made my world a beautiful place to live in,
& I want to thank you for coming into my life,
For you are the most precious gift God has given to me,
I will love u for now & forever.
happy Christmas darling!

I want to thank you for the love you’re giving me since we entered this relationship. The world may be a mess, but you were always there to make everything alright. Merry Christmas Baby!

I am the happiest boyfriend in the world!
For I have the best girlfriend ever.
Thanks for being there, to love, to cherish, to care.
Wishing you all the best this Christmas.
Happy Holidays!

Being loved by you is such an honor and pleasure, but loving you? It is the greatest feeling I’ve ever had in my life. Merry Christmas Honey

I can never b on Santa’s nice list
bcoz just thinking about u makes
me naughty.
Merry Christmas!

I would like you to kiss me right now to have a perfect Christmas Eve, but I am content with you reading this message and your hearts starting to beat for me.


 christmas quotes for facebook. Get the best of Merry Christmas Wishes here. Share with your friends on  Whatsapp and Facebook via the TOP status Quotes.



We may not be together this Christmas
But just remember that in my heart
You will always be around
Together, by heart and soul, we will celebrate Christmas
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

If Christmas love and happiness were snowflakes, I wish you a blizzard’s worth of them this year. Here’s to many joyful Christmases to you my love.

I feel very excited because of Christmas and let’s celebrate together this is one with all of my biggest dreams is coming true. Congratulations, my Princess!

I cannot imagine a Christmas without your loving presence. Merry Christmas my darling!

This is but a message. These are but words.
But these spring from core of my soul
To wish you all the best this season holds.
Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!

Christmas time is a great time to be your boyfriend. I get spoiled by you a lot anyway, let alone at Christmas time.

love that I love u
I have loved u from da very start
I now hand u da key 2 my heart
Merry Christmas, my Darling

A new Christmas is waiting for us to enjoy sharing our love, finding a bigger than ever happiness. My love, I want you to have a happy holiday!

No Christmas gift is greater than the gift of love. Thank you for giving the best gift ever!

Merry Christmas, love of my life! If I could get into a box so that you can open at midnight on 24, I would be there because I want to be your greatest gift.

Enjoy this Christmas by your family and I will do it with mine, but our love will keep our hearts connected into the distance. Merry Christmas, my love!


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quotes for girlfriend
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You are my love and hope, Everything seems fine when you’re around. I hope this love will be forever. Merry Christmas dear.

I love realizing this is love, but knowing I will spend Christmas with you drives my heart crazy. I love you. Merry Christmas.

Each day of my life is like a joyful Christmas morning with you by my side. Merry Christmas

I did not remember to buy a Christmas gift for you, but I can give you my heart if you want it, with a lifetime guarantee. Merry Christmas.

We may not be together this Christmas But just remember that in my heart You will always be around Together, by heart and soul, we will celebrate Christmas Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

May you know this holiday season how much you mean to me. Without you, there is no joy in my world.

There is a truth dat we all know
We cit everywhere we go
Dat love is what we’re meant 2 b
& dat’s the gift she gave 2 me.
happy Cristmas.

Christmas is a great time to spend time with family. Even though you are not technically family, I feel like you are. Merry Christmas!

You are as beautiful as an angel, as sweet as a Christmas cookie, and as loving as the whole season. Thank you for making my Christmas wonderful.

You make me happy in many ways, but tonight you only need to be with me and welcome the son of God in our hearts. Merry Christmas.

Now Christmas is my favorite time of year because it has so many beautiful things and gives us many opportunities to demonstrate that our love is bigger than ever. Congratulations!

Your kiss can be my best Christmas gift. Come tonight and kiss me to feel all your love.

Some people go their whole lives without finding that one very special person. I’m glad that’s not us.


Best Merry Christmas  wishes for your girlfriend.

Best Merry Christmas Wishes for your boyfriend.

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